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k. Food-insecure and homeless populations remain

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the poor. In the United States, 3.1 percent of income earned annually went to the poorest 20 pe

ed from poor health.

rcent of people, while 51.4 percent was earned by the ▓richest 20 percent (

The rights of, October 10, 2015). Official data showed that 46.7 million people wer

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e living in poverty in 2014. ( In Delaware, the percentage of people liv▓ing below the federal poverty line in 2014 was 12.5 percent, creeping up from 11.7 percent i▓n 2013. Nearly, F

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a quarter of resident▓s of Wilmington, Delaware lived below ▓the poverty line. The poverty rate for children was around 20 percent. U.S. people▓ were pessimistic about the prospects of social and

er 6, 2015

). In April, t

econo▓mic instability. Seventy-nine percent of Americans believed ▓it was more common for people to fall out of the middle class than rise up to it (www.usatoday▓.com, June 9, November 23, 2015).Th

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ast food workers wa

ere was a large food-insecure population in the United States. Accordin▓g to a report pub

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